A cat saves a child from a rabid dog attack. Heroic!

Screenshot 2014-05-15 to(s) 10.47.24Una heroica gata salvó hace pocos días a un niño del ataque de un perro en plena calle en la localidad californiana de Bakersfield. El vídeo ha sido tomado por las cámaras de vigilancia privada de la familia del pequeño, and shows the child riding a tricycle outside her home.

At one point, a dog appears, not carrying strap, and swoops down, biting leg. Then, from nowhere, Tara appears, the cat family, which launches hard dog to keep him above the small, he had to get several stitches, but his condition is not serious.

As the dog, which belongs to a neighboring, U.S. authorities have reported that city is “observation”.

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