Nudist sect living among corpses, eat human flesh and drink skulls

Live naked among corpses and beside the lifeless bodies do everything you would expect from a human being: to meditate, comer, have sex, smoking marijuana… Surrounded by death, live extreme, eating human flesh, feces and drinking from their skulls. They are the Aghoris, a secta Indian who lives on the margins of society, worshiping the gods of death and destruction (Shiva and his consort Shakthi) and they are usually found in cremation grounds and cemeteries.

Crematoria corpses in Varanasi (India) | Abel Cobos

British public television, the BBC, come in in this sect through the book Aghori: A Biographical Novel, which explains its roots, motifs and traditions. He explains that all these customs macabras have the same origin, “take the obvious and break taboos. Reject normal notions of good and evil“. That is why they practice these follies and dangers. “They believe that by doing these things that others avoid, they reach a higher state of consciousness”, namely, that connects them to life and divinity in a more raw and real way by acting in ways that other people would reject.

Another reason for your lifestyle is that Aghoris, as a break with what is right and what is wrong, they have no moral conscience and consider that nature is all the same, the manifestation of a supreme being. They are pantheistic: God is everywhere and all beings. “Why not make a distinction between the flesh of a slaughtered animal and human flesh. They eat what is“, article explains. Ironically, They have a taboo: but they make no distinction between living and dead when having sex, many practice either the necrofilia-, the sex between men is strictly judged and prohibited.

These Aghoris usually live in isolation, sections of all life and break ties with family and friends. They only come out of their hiding places “when the Indian bathing holiday called Kumbh Mela“, a massive pilgrimage that takes place approximately every three years. According to the BBC, across India - with a population of a billion people -, must have a thousand Aghoris. A ridiculous amount for the entire population of the country. Hence, many Indians are not used to their presence, and because of all the rumors of their practices, they think it is very unpleasant and unlucky to meet one when they go on the pilgrimage.

Despite the uniqueness of its existence, they also have a social function. “The Aghori are working with those who are considered the most untouchable persons of humanity“, anthropologist Ron Barrett tells the BBC. They work with lepers, a disease that condemns you to live in the margins of Indian society, You marginalized for fear that be an epidemic. Probably because most are untouchable Aghori (the lowest caste of the country, virtually no rights and suffers constant discrimination), believe in the equality of all living things and are not afraid to care for these sick and marginalized people. A sect, Thus, Despite his eccentricities, he has achieved a bit of social well-being..