7 3D printed things that will revolutionize society

the future is here. 3D printers are becoming more accessible, as well as its unlimited uses. Can you imagine a house printed from 0? Or a motorcycle from a 3D printer? Here are some examples of the many applications of 3D printing, the new industrial revolution.

3D printed houses in Valencia

Casa impresa en 3D en Valencia

We started this particular compilation in Spain, more specifically in Valencia, where four young people from the Polytechnic University of Valencia created the startup Be More 3D, responsible for the first 3D printed single-family homes.

Built on-site, these modular buildings are made of concrete, as if it were a house to use. Your first design, pioneer also on a global scale, It consisted of a house of 24 square meter, although now they are capable of printing homes of up to 70 square meters in about 10 hours. Its cost? 55.000 euros.

3D printed bridges in Shanghai

Puente impreso 3d

We go a little further, to china, to delight our eyes with this 3D printed bridge that has been installed in the central park of Taopu, and Shanghai.

The structure, made in 35 days based on plastic and fiberglass, measure 15,25 meters long and 3,8 Wide. It is able to withstand inclement weather, bear up 250 kilos per square meter (four adults per square meter) and its useful life is estimated at approximately three decades.

Artificial coral reefs

Coral artificial impreso en 3d

What if we went down to the bottom of the ocean would we also find 3D printed objects?? The answer is yes: a series of artificial coral reefs have been installed in the Maldives Islands that were built using additive manufacturing.

Cast in ceramic, These 3D printed reefs consist of 220 molds that are submerged seven meters below the surface and their purpose is to serve as a base for transplanting live coral that will grow in two or three years around this material.

In this way, the ideologues of the project (an Australian company called Reef Design Lab) they want to save corals from global warming and environmental pollution.

Mannequins for testing radiotherapy treatments

Maniquí impreso en 3d para radioterapia
Louisiana State University

From saving the planet to saving human lives. We talk now about Marie, a 3D printed mannequin that has been designed by a Louisiana State University student to measure the effects of radiation in real time and determine the optimal dose for radiation therapy sessions in cancer treatment.

Marie is a scale replica of the human being, made of bipolastic: measure 1,8 metros, Weighs 7 kilos and can store up to 136 liters of water inside. It was printed in 136 hours and its value lies in allowing to experience the effects of these treatments in people who currently do not find artificial replicants in laboratories, like women and children.

Fully functional electric motorcycles

Moto impresa en 3d
3D Now Lab

But 3D printing will not only be part of fixed structures and buildings, it will also roll down our roads. So that, The consulting firm Now Lab has already developed the first completely additively manufactured electric motorcycle, including not only the chassis, but also your tires, suspensions, tires or seat.

Black, that's the name of the vehicle, It is nothing more than a prototype but it opens the window to endless possibilities within the automotive industry. Only the electric motor has been left out of 3D printing for obvious reasons.

A wall imprinted with moondust

Muro impreso con polvo lunar
ESA – G. Porter

Let's raise our sights to the skies, more exactly to the moon, to meet the next place where we will see 3D printed objects. In that sense, the European Space Agency (THAT) has already created a block built from simulated moondust based on this technology, one and a half tons of weight.

The objective of this idea is to be able to manufacture structures on the Moon based on local materials that do not need to be transported from Earth. Also, once the 3D printer is installed on our satellite, we could build as many buildings as necessary just by sending the corresponding plans.

Steel bridge in Amsterdam

Puente impreso en acero

And we finished the selection by crossing a bridge again only that, this time, it is not made of plastic but of steel. It is a structure manufactured in Amsterdam and installed in the De Wallen neighborhood of that town.

Produced by MX3D company, this structure is extraordinarily resistant and has a very complex design to achieve with traditional manufacturing techniques. Also, the bridge is equipped with a myriad of sensors that will measure its behavior when people pass by, as well as environmental values, with the purpose of improving the quality of the following units that are installed.

Source: Business Insider

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