The nine most dangerous volcanoes in the world

These are the 9 most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. In most of them are towns or cities around who should exercise caution whenever you notice a tremor or any sign of volcanic activity. Yes, and hazardous, Many people also consider them a beautiful spectacle of nature, and many tourists are keen to capture the image of a volcano in full eruption.

1. Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland)

This volcano is located in the region of Suðurland, south of Iceland and has an area of 1651 meters. This crater fire has erupted four times: at 920, at 1612, at 1821 and, the most recent, in 2010.

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This eruption was very violent and threw 250 million cubic meters of volcanic ash into the atmosphere, reaching heights of up to eleven kilometers and extending over an area of ​​thousands of square kilometers. This eruption caused the disruption of air traffic in northwestern Europe and led to the closure of airports and the cancellation more than 20.000 flights.

2. Vesubio mont (Italy)

This volcano is known for the massive eruption that in the year 79 He led the funeral entirely in the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Nowadays, Mount Vesuvius is still an active volcano that faces the Bay of Naples and is located 9 kilometers from the city of Naples.

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This volcano is one of the most famous, but also one of the most destructive. Its last eruption was in 1944 and I destroyed the towns of San Sebastiano to the Vesuvio, Soma and mass di San Giorgio part in Cremano.

3. Sakurajima (Japan)

If we talk about potentially dangerous volcanoes, we can not stop talking about Sakurajima. This active volcano is located located in southern Kyushu Island, Kagoshima prefecture.

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Until 1914 It was formed as a volcano-island, but because of a major eruption, the huge amount of lava expelled, and subsequently solidified, He joined the island to the mainland. Today continues its volcanic activity emitting large amounts of volcanic ash.

4. Monte Merapi (Indonesia)

El Monte Merapi, which translates into Spanish as 'Fire Mountain' it's found on the border between Indonesia and Central Java, standing to 400 kilometers from the capital: Jakarta. With their 2.911 meters It is considered the most active volcano in Indonesia.

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This crater of fire It has erupted a total of 69 times since 1548, It is one of the most tragic of 1994 in which he killed 27 people after a strong eruption. As a curiosity, this great crater has been included in the list of 'Decade Volcanoes’, a project initiated in 90 by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's interior.

5. Monte Nyiragongo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, since it has erupted more of 50 times in the past 150 years old. It is located in the Virunga National Park and its crater is two kilometers wide.

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Is known for hosting lava lake inside the crater, what in 1977 He broke the walls that kept and displaced more than 100 kilometers / hour to Goma, a city provincial capital of North Kivu, in which he killed 100 people.

6. Ulawun (Papua New Guinea)

It is located in New Britain, in Papua New Guinea. It is the highest mountain of the archipelago and one of the most active volcanoes in the country, recording a total of 22 Volcano eruptions Island.

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The latest explosion has taken place this same year, more specifically the 26 June 2019, an eruption that threw ash more than 19 km altitude and that caused 5.000 people had to be evacuated and all flights Hoskins Airport, the closest one, canceled.

7. Taal Volcano (Philippines)

This located on the west coast of the island of Luzon, in the Philippines and it is another of the currently active volcanoes. It is located on an island in Taal Lake, Where does your name come from. This volcano is approximately a 50 kilometers from the capital, Manila.

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This volcano has entered erupting 33 times since 1572 and it caused the loss of many lives in the populated areas surrounding the lake. One of the most catastrophic was in 1911, in which were recorded approximately 1300 killed by the eruption of volcanic lava.

8. Long Mountain (Hawaii)

It is one of the five volcanoes Koala with, Hulalai, Kilaue y Mauna Kea, what They form the island of Hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean. It is considered as the largest volcano on earth in terms of volume and surface.

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This volcano has been erupting since, at least, 700.000 a thousand years. But The most recent eruption of Mauna Loa came from the 24 March to 15 April 1984, in which there were no fatalities, still several nearby villages were destroyed by the volcano. It is one of the volcanoes included in the Decade Volcanoes, which promotes the study of the most dangerous volcanoes in the World.

9. Galeras (Colombia)

It is one of the active volcanoes are today, is located south of Colombia, in the capital of the department of Nariño. It is the most active volcano in Colombia and which has greater historical records, with major eruptions since the sixteenth century.

He had its first eruption in 1580, being the most serious in 1993, in which he killed nine people, 6 of them scientists who had descended into the crater to sample gases. It is another of the 'Decade Volcanoes', since it is one of the most dangerous on the planet due to its susceptibility to cause a major disaster.


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