8 alternative theories about the disappearance of the plane of Malaysia

1385382055539The disappearance of the plane of Malaysia 239 people on board has baffled rescuers and experts on terrorism and aviation. With tracking technology available today seems incredible that a plane carrying 239 passengers could disappear within minutes in flight. The flight data recorders, location transponders and radio communication fail to explain how the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 could fade on Saturday without a trace. With the passage of time, already speculated some unlikely theories, but not impossible.

1. Aeronautical black hole

As explained by John Stewart, aeronautical expert and member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British newspaper Mail Online’ there is a possibility that the plane entered an “aeronautical black hole”, a mysterious area where the transponder system shuts down and loses communication. If the aircraft remained in the air after his last record-holding-then today can be found hundreds of miles away from where the rescuers are searching. However, it is unclear why some families say that mobile devices have signal victims. It is recalled that following the crash of an Air France in 2009 the possibility that the aircraft went into a black hole toyed Atlantic Ocean, information that was never confirmed.google-earth,E-5-306365-22

2. The mystery of mobile

The disappearance of the aircraft envelope even greater mystery was after that inform families of the passengers who had been able to call phones of their loved ones: “No signal, but nobody answers”, say. Alan Spencer, telecommunications expert, explains the newspaper that if the phones are ringing can not really find it under the sea, since the phone only ringing if on and are near certain telephone service. Thus it can be concluded that if the phones are ringing, the plane must have landed on the ground and at sea, and also be in a location with telephone service.

3. Electronic Warfare

An even more bizarre theory suggests uses electronic warfare after confirmed that aboard the plane had at least 20 Freescale passengers, a U.S. manufacturer of semiconductors. Each of these passengers had specialized knowledge of electronic technology for defense applications. According to a report portal "Before It's News', hypothesis, that relies on technology 'cover’ to deflect objects, like an airplane, suggests that experts could make the aircraft disappeared from radar, disabling its security systems. It is possible that the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines plane is found wrapped in a high-tech electronic warfare used today, afirma ‘Before It’s News’. “De facto, This type of technology is precisely that counts Freescale, which had 20 their employees on board the missing flight”, reads the report. This hypothesis gains more value if one considers that the company recently launched a major initiative to meet the needs of radiofrequency energy from U.S. aerospace. and in the defense sector.

4. Airburst

Experts of the Organization of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban try to detect if there was an explosion at the altitude at which the plane was flying disappeared using infrasound sensors. In this manner, authorities wanting to exclude the aircraft was the subject of a bombing or missile, and a failure in any of the devices in an explosion derivase.

5. Catastrophic fall

For his part, expert Martyn Thomas believes that the plane could suffer uncontrolled and sudden decompression, which would have triggered a catastrophic collapse that destroyed, turn, all communication equipment. In this scenario explains the expert-the plane could fly using the autopilot without any human influence and “it could be anywhere” in a radius greater than the 2000 kilometers where they seek.

6. The plane is not in sea, but in the jungle

The mystery of why no remains have been found in the sea or on land also baffles experts, although one theory is that the plane crashed in the jungle, where tall trees from the region could easily cover the accident. This possibility does not seem so far-fetched if you consider that some reports suggest that the plane veered.

7. Parallels with the Lost series, compliant 10 years old

It is impossible to think of the 48 Survivors series “Lost”, after just a plane crash on an island in the ocean without being able to contact anyone and no one to locate them because they seek to thousands of kilometers. The model aircraft of Malaysian Airlines is the same as that of the company Oceanic Airlines, un boeing 777, falling on a Pacific island. Some goes beyond, and he attributed the incident to a marketing campaign. Shortly before the premiere of the film The Blair Whitch Project (Project Blair Witch) U.S. did a lot of promotion up to the news of the disappearance of some hikers and recordings of these… and shortly after that film was a hit at the movies. Soon it will be the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the series Lost and commented that they wanted to make a movie. Chance ¿the causality?

8. Kidnapping on a tropical island

It is perhaps the most plausible theory of all these. But then, Where is the plane and because no one claimed? They were able to land at a small airfield, a remote island… Perhaps the hostages revoltaron against kidnappers, killed, but they were trapped on the island with no ability to communicate, because the hijackers had commandeered them (but not off) mobile. Or maybe someone claimed shortly kidnapping.

And you, que opinas?

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