“Down Syndrome and I am happy”. Do not miss the beautiful video that these guys have recorded for future frightened mother

Niño-down-468x203After learning that his son would be born with Down syndrome, a mother wrote a letter to the Italian organization Coordown, that supports people with this condition. The response of the organization has been a touching video testimonies of children with Down several European countries, happy where they are shown.

"'I'm expecting a baby and I've found that has Down Syndrome. I'm scared: What kind of life will my child?’”. These were the words of a mom and he wrote via email to the Italian organization CoorDown (National Coordinator of Associations of People with Down Syndrome).

The organization has presented the story of a mother who wrote anonymously in hopes of getting a guide, or at least a word of hope to the upcoming arrival of her son. In response, Coordinator convened a group of 15 young people of different nationalities for a video, in which they showed how normal and happy they are despite living with this genetic disorder.

The result has been an emotional video titled Dear Future Mom, of 2 and a half minutes in which children and teenagers steal the hearts of the viewers with their messages of love, courage and optimism. Now the video has been released for World Down Syndrome Day, held on Friday 21 March.

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