Do not miss the brutal reaction of an airport worker after being fired

Smashes an expensive airplane using an excavator. A Youtube video shows his "amok"

Impotence is a difficult feeling to handle. When someone can not do anything to avoid something that hurts you, the reaction becomes unpredictable: rage, tristeza y hasta agresividad descontrolada are some of the possibilities. The latter is the path that has taken an airport worker in Russia at the news of his dismissal, leaving stunned and speechless YouTube users.

El blog Sick Chirpse nos presenta las impactantes imágenes de lo sucedido. In them we can see how someone, allegedly an employee of an airport recently removed from his job, literally destroys an airplane using an excavator. A plane that costs several hundred thousand euros, but it breaks as if it were paper under the relentless pressure of the machine. It looks more like a scene from a movie than a real case:

The video, posted on Youtube, it has become viral within hours and there are many who wonder whether it is really reacting a jilted ex worker. Evidently, the consequences of this behavior would be very serious, It can cost up to a season in jail. Pero por otra parte es complicado imaginar algún motivo mucho más creíble para que alguien destroce de este modo un avión tan caro. Even when they cease to be used for commercial flights, these ships are exploited for practical work or for recycling of certain parts.

The Russian company UTair Aviation, owner of the aircraft, no ha hecho ningún comentario al respecto del suceso, or on its official website or through their social media accounts. Nothing to do with another story that occurred at an airport recently introduced you, la del informer video that cost him his job at a flight attendant. Then, the company itself was quick to make public that the employee had been away immediately from their duties.


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