Seven miraculous recoveries after coma

young-eat-wake-261113-6_1After years in coma, these people got awakening against all odds. Only about 3 in 10 comatose patients achieved full recovery of mental and motor functions. The longer a patient in a coma, awakening possibilities are reduced, but these examples show us that we must never lose hope…


1. In 1984, Sarah Scantlin Tenia 18 when he was hit by a drunk driver and was in a semi-vegetative. Since then remained in a nursing home in the U.S. state of Kansas, U.S.. Unexpectedly, 20 years after the accident, in 2004, Scantlin's parents received a call center where he resided his daughter, and with 38 years old. However, rather than inform them about Sarah, Sarah herself was. “Hello, mum”, I told his mother. “Are you, Sarah?”, said the woman, incredulous. “Yes”, replied the daughter. The words were a shock and a joy for parents Scantlin. “Just no words”, Mother said, Betsy Scantlin. Doctors say Sarah Scantlin has improved every day since his awakening, and can not explain the sudden improvement in their condition.

2. Terry Wallis was driving with a friend in July 1984 when VEHA-ass fell a rà ³-o. His friend died and he was found unconscious the next day. With 20 years old, ³ the young American remains in coma. Neither is de Wallis, Amber, He was born shortly after the accident. His wife and his parents decided to watch over him, he was interned in a special care facility and rehab and never ceased to visit. 19 ± os after year © s, in 2003, Lady in the awake ³. His mother, Angilee Wallis, I was with him at the time © l. “Dijo “‘mami” '³ and was surprised, Â'pepsi then said 'then Â'lecheÂ'. Terry believed that Ronald Reagan was still president of the United States. Also, asked to speak with his grandmother, who died several years ago, and even recited her phone number memory, a fact that the rest of the family had forgotten.

3. In 2009, Karen Morrison-Clutton, a Welsh librarian 32 years old, had just received his son Oliver when infection was infected by the bacterium E. Colli After a commercial veggie burger. The woman suffered many attacks and failures in his kidney that doctors decided to induce her to eat until the drugs recompusieran your health. But weeks later still did not wake up, so your husband, Paul, I did hear the babbling and crying child. Then, the woman awoke from her coma. The woman explained that, despite being sedated and apparently unconscious, I could hear the audio of the video. Also, man, a financial consultant 33 years old, was dedicated to telling his wife about the daily progress of the baby. "When Paul made the video I changed and started fighting for my life", said the woman.

4. Last year, a young 16 years Lincolnshire (England), He awoke from the coma that was after four months of having a serious accident on his bicycle. Ryan Smith awoke, spoke for a moment and hugged his father, who she was with him in the hospital every day. “Hi Mom and Dad”, He said the young man waking. Ryan's father said it was an incredible moment: "After being told he would not survive, now I have it in my arms and it is a moment I will remember forever ".

5. In 2007, Polish railway worker Jan Grzebski awoke from a coma after 19 years old. Grzebski goes into a coma in 1988 after being hit by a train. The doctors gave him a life expectancy of two to three years, however, almost twenty years later he managed to wake up. His wife was at his side, he changed position every few hours to prevent pressure ulcers and prayed for his recovery. When he awoke in 2007, was surprised to find that the Communist Party had fallen and that people were talking on cell phones.

6. In 1995, Donald Herbert, U.S. firefighter, He had an accident when a fire choked and suffered a brain injury that left him in a coma. Almost ten years later he did something that stunned his family and doctors: asked to see his wife. They put the phone, and was the first of many conversations the patient had with his wife, her four children and other family and friends one Saturday 2005 during 14 hours, said Uncle Herbert, Simon Manka. “How long have I been unconscious?”, dijo Herbert. “We said almost ten years”, said Uncle. “He thought it would have been only three months”.

7. Mark Ellis is a young British 22 years, after suffering a stroke, was completely paralyzed and lost the ability to speak. Doctors diagnosed him with locked-in syndrome, informed his family that the chances of survival were minimal, let alone to recover. However, the miracle occurred when Ellis awoke from the coma induced by doctors after stroke and imitating your baby, he was born 2 weeks before the accident, He was slowly learning to take the first steps and utter his first words. Initially, Ellis began to imitate his newborn daughter, who already babbled and started walking on all fours. "My husband did the same sounds as the girl began to utter the first words, so did his father ", tells his wife, Amy Ellis. Ellis amazing progress was completely even learning her daughter. En total, elapsed eight months since he entered the hospital until he returned home using a walker. Since, progress has been made on your hard recovery always beside Lola-Rose. Now, both use the same toys, books, games and even the iPad, said Amy Ellis, "To learn to communicate and find out how things are done".

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