If you were a teacher in 1923, you could not marry or leave home at night. Sadly incredible…

It seems impossible to have spent less than 100 years these documents, demonstrating that humans sometimes borders on the absurd. In this contract the teachers 1923 -the first year of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, teachers are forbidden to marry, relationships with men, leaving home beyond 6 afternoon, or dye your hair…


In this other connected, year 1937, during the Civil War and in Mallorca, is fined amounts up 5.000 pesetas, perform certain “attitudes” Obscene. Best, totally ridiculous, It is the way of naming the genitals: “That” the influence, and “That” for the vagina.


What do you think? Do you believe that within 100 years in equal shock, for example, the new abortion law?

And you, que opinas?

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