've Never seen driving a Formula 1 in this manner. Brutal

mercedes-petronas-f1How would you feel if you could not drive a Formula 1? Or at least be sitting next to a pilot com Rosberg, I can look forward, to the sides, or heaven, a 300 miles per hour? This shocking video gives us a unique perspective on the sensations you feel at these speeds. Is this the future of television broadcasts Engine?

The Formula One team Mercedes Nico Rosberg recorded a circuit around Silverstone, in Britain, but with six high-definition cameras 360 grads.

The result is an amazing experience as it could – or rather, should – be the future of motoring televised. Interactive video allows rotate the view in any direction while the car is running. .

This is not the first time we've seen this kind of technology placed in an F1 car . Red Bull did last year as part of a promotion test similar, and we are very excited at the thought of living this way, First Person, racing in Formula One .

And you, que opinas?

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