The secret formula locked away syrup that gave rise to the Coca-Cola

The Coca Cola, as we know it today, He was born in a pharmacy in Atlanta 1886 following a syrup formula. John S. Pemberton developed the original idea of ​​the drink and its accounting, Frank Robinson, it was who gave the name Coca-Cola which 130 years later is the most famous soft drink in the world.

Only four years after the drink was put on sale a 8 May at the Jacobs Pharmacy, Coke already marketed throughout the United States. Robinson and Candler brothers created the The Coca-Cola Company corporation 1891 with a capital gains 100.000 dollars then. and in 1987 the first sales occurred outside the country.

In 1899 the first agreement to bottle Coca-Cola was signed in the United States. From the company point out that the system was established bottlers is to remain in force. This organization is based on authorize local companies to manufacture, distribute and sell the product whose basic preparation is provided by Coca-Cola. Something similar is happening now in Spain with Coca-Cola Iberian Partners.

John S. PembertonJohn S. Pemberton

The international success of the soft drink sold in the world came from the hand of Ernest Woodruff, who he was elected in office 1902. Woodruff bought 1919 all shares of the company to the Candler family and managed to consolidate the business after World War I ended. In 1923 box of six bottles sold, and already late 20 sales of bottles of Coca-Cola exceed those of distributors soda.

Coca-Cola has also made its way into the history of trademarks. The term "Coke" was inscribed on 1945 given the popularity of the name. Also, the Trademark Office of the United States included in 1960 Bottle "contour" with the trademark category, something that had not happened so far. That same year, The Coca-Cola Company bought the Minute Maid Corporation. Later, the group acquired the coffee producer Duncan Foods.

In 1982 nació en EE.UU. another of the star products of the company: la Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke). In Spain arrive two years later. In 2005, the group sends Coca-Zero.

This secret formula, called "Merchandise 7X" and he departed from a base syrup, It has remained unchanged since 1886. It is locked away in the SunTrust Bank Building in Atlanta and only know two people who are banned from traveling together and coincide in the same places.

Since its inception, there have been numerous people who have claimed to have discovered the secret ingredients and mix order. All these revelations have been denied later by The Coca-Cola Company.


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