The miracle case of a child who lives with midbrain

Jake walks and can speak Gladstone. Four years ago, Doctors ruled that this would be impossible. One of those stories that makes you think, sometimes, life is more fair to those who deserve it.

When you look at Jake Gladstone, nothing to suggest that under your skull there are only half brain active. When I was a baby of six months, doctors discovered this anomaly and warned parents that the little one could not walk or talk. However, Jake has defied all laws of medicine and four years as normal as any child his age life. "It is simply amazing", Dice Sarah, his mother.


After the dramatic experience of watching baby xray and see that the activity of his brain had been reduced to half, the world they jumped on these parents who think their child is not going to develop normally. Against all odds, Jake is full of energy and run and walk like other children. "He is our little miracle ', Little relatives say.

Jake disease known as cystic encephalomalacia, and assumed that half of the brain does not develop. Doctors blamed his case to a lack of oxygen due to a stroke in the womb, but fortunately the child was able to develop such basic functions such as mobility or speech. However, Jake must be constantly monitored and need help with eating and dressing.

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