Map of fear: watch it advance the far right in Europe…


Parlamentos nacionales europeos con representantes de partidos de la derecha populista en 2018. En azul oscuro
European national parliaments with representatives of parties of the populist right 2018. Dark blue, which they are part of the government.

The economic crisis and the refugee crisis has helped the growth of right-wing parties, with xenophobic ideas, conservative and nationalist. In some countries (at least so far) are residual or minority parties, as may be the case for 'Vox’ in Spain. In others, They are in opposition and other, They govern alone or directly influence the decisions of the executive. Let's do a brief review of the leaders and right-wing parties governing at the moment and those who are in clear boom representative:


Mateo Salvini, the 'Northern League', It is the greatest exponent. Although he did not win the election, He won enough seats to form an alliance with the victor, the movement 5 stars', It is governing the country and granted him the vice presidency and the Ministry of Interior.

  • Their demands do not reach only policy. He has called immigrants "threat" to stability in Italy: "They are a real social bomb. The Koran does not fit the Italian Constitution ". In Spain we all remember his steadfast refusal to welcome immigrants ship 'Aquarius'.
  • Among his ideas are passing a law of self-defense, fight the mafia and reform the Treaty of Berlin, which obliges States of the European Union to maintain its territory to immigrants before registering as refugees in periods which may extend to two years.
Salvini y OrbanViktor Orban and Matthew Salvini /EFE


Viktor Orban is the leader of the extreme right in Europe longest in power. They are eleven years old and in the last election, of 2014, its political platform achieved the 45 percent of votes.

  • Their policies based on reject and refuse to accept refugees, They are the key to their government.
  • Boasts of having a great relationship with Vladimir Putin. Just the opposite with NGOs, to which limits funding for criticizing its policies and denounce violations of human rights.



Sebastian KurzSebastian Kurz /EFE


Sebastian Kurz, the 'People's Party', is the chancellor of Austria, and the youngest leader across Europe to their 31 years old. He needed to govern the Islamophobic and eurosceptic 'Freedom Party’ (FPÖ) who managed to close 27% of the votes and was tied for second with the Social Democrats.

  • The leader of 'FPÖ', Heinz-Christian Strache, He is known for his neo-Nazi past in circles.
  • For many, Foreign Minister Kurz, is not within the range of the extreme right. its policies, Conversely, not say it. It is against immigration and asylum, aspects that forged the alliance with the far-right party to be a carbon copy of his thesis.


Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland

In 2013 German born 'Alternative for Germany’ (AFD). His beginnings as a eurosceptic party, soon they gave way to a marked rightwing character. As we mentioned above, It is a booming party and you're getting a greater number of representatives in all regions of the country. Also, It was the first game of this ideology access the Bundestag as a third political force.

  • 'Dept.’ It is an Islamophobic party, ultranationalist, xenophobe and rejects receiving refugees. It is the latter that has brought together the protest vote of citizens who reject immigration policies and refugee reception Merkel.



Another party that hides his radicalism so used under the Euroscepticism is the 'Freedom Party', Islamophobic and Europhobic of Geert Wilders. Training left a bittersweet taste his followers to not achieve the result estimated polls. He was in second position after having been leading polls.

  • Wilders has made other right-wing parties in the country harden his speech on immigration. He was convicted of immigrants from crossing out “trash that endangers the country ".
Marine Le Pen y Geert Wilders
Marine Le Pen y Wilders /EFE


And, Of course, this list could not miss the 'National Front’ Marine Le Pen. Recently it changed its name to "Front" for "group" as too warlike.



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