Luckiest jinxed history. No I can not believe…


The role chance can play in the destiny of people is something that has always fascinated humans. Reinhold Boyer was an Austrian engineer who survived more than half a dozen real disaster where they lost their lives around 250.000 people.


Boyer ratio, who lived in Madrid during the last years of his life, to disasters began soon. As we read in the blog "Unusual Republic», he was only six years old when he survived his first railway accident, which died 200 people. Just two years after, He was saved from the fire of a Viennese theater which killed 620 people.


The next disaster came when Boyer had already completed his engineering and working in a mine near the Pas de Calais. Un fire in one of the galleries he killed 1.100 miners. Two years later, in 1908, el joven Ingeniero salió indemne the un earthquake in Sicily, which died 200.000 people.


Four years later, Reinhold Boyer was forced to cancel a planned trip to the United States to perform due to a sudden illness. In the month of April 1912 and planned to embark on the Titanic. The liner sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden journey, taking the lives of 1.517 of the 2.200 people aboard.


When he came to America, witnessed how strong Hurricane azotaba Miami en 1926, causing 12.000 dead. Boyer survived this catastrophe, as would a few years later flooding of the Mississippi River, which caused several thousand more victims. Incredibly, Reinhold Boyer sobrevivió soil in these tragedies, but throughout his life he suffered many minor accidents that exceeded almost without suffering a scratch.


Thus, there who says this Austrian engineer was not the biggest jinx world, but the luckiest man in all history. Even if, judging from his eventful biography, most likely the correct answer is that it was the luckiest jinx who ever lived.



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