The emotional moment a deaf woman hears for the first time the human voice

Joanne Milne suffers Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that left her deaf
from birth. Last month, with 40 years old, underwent surgery for cochlear implants will put. When he first heard the voice of his medical, was moved as never before excited. He said the time had turned on the implant was the most emotional and overwhelming experience of your life.

Are seven simple words we all take for granted. But when Joanne Milne heard your doctor recite the days of the week , she was overwhelmed by emotion and tears. Until then his world had been silent .

Four weeks before she had surgery to get cochlear implants, and finally the time to know if the operation had succeeded came. That moment is indescribable, the moment that changes his life.

She said : “I'm still in shock now . I have to learn to recognize what these sounds are, how to build a library of sounds in the brain”.

“I can not help but mourn and I can already foresee how it will change my life. I'm so happy… In recent 48 hours I could hear people laughing behind me , Birds chirping, or just being with family… they did not have to touch the arm to get my attention”.


And you, que opinas?

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