The shark attack a diver, recorded in the first person. Terrifying

tiburon--644x362The diver swam Jason Dimitri with a reef in the Caribbean. He had come to catch a lionfish, territorial and solitary species, whose venom is a serious enemy for some species of fish and crustaceans. However, the animal was found face to face was a shark. Dimitri wore a GoPro camera for those who are changing our videos weekends in the field or at sea. What we see in this video is the shark attack from the point of view of the victim, armed with a kind of spear, a unique portrait from seabed.

"You have to understand explains Dimitri YouTube- I hunt lionfish to help protect the coral destruction caused. The shark was acting in its natural environment. I have nothing against him, and I will return to the water to continue to protect the reef for future generations ".


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