From where are the sexiest women in the world? Here's the answer

There have been many types of world map. Some focus on landforms, others show global borders… But, from today, There is a new one: a map of the world what catalogs to the countries according Physical attractiveness and sexual his - 644x362

The project, prepared by the portal TargetMap, divides the attraction into five categories and qualifies as “the hottest” Latino and Baltic. On the map, Colombia, Argentina, Latvia and Estonia They take the palm. These countries are marked with dark green, which means that no one can compare to them in terms of the level of attraction that women generate their, as recounted RT.

Behind them, followed by those from category “sexy” identified on the map with a lighter green and that includes most of the countries of Eastern Europe, as the Czech Republic, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Ucrania of Macedonia. This is the region that has the largest number of sexy women.

In Western Europe the Swedish are only in this category “sexy”. The third category includes women “attractive normal” and it enters the most of Western Europe, North Africa and countries such as China, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile.

The last category of the classification rate women as “unattractive” and “very unattractive”. Included in the first label to U.S., British, German, Portuguese, Australian, Indian and Saudi.

The “less interesting” World, according to this classification, reside in countries like Congo centroafricanos, Mauritania, Chad, Niger and the Central African Republic, and Iraq, Afghanistan and Bolivia.

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