Create a skateboard to launch… ¡¡a 500 km por hora!!

untitledDaz Fellows se lanza a toda velocidad a bordo de su streetluge, a monopatín en el que en posición horizontal es capaz de alcanzar la misma speed o más que el resto de los vehículos con los que se cruza en la carretera.

Want to enter the Guinness Book of Records and it has designed this prototype in which it has invested more than 60.000 euros waiting to find someone to support his feat. His intention is not just to beat the world speed record for these vehicles is set to 186 kilometers per hour… but I fold.

Asegura que su trineo de asfalto podra correr a mas de 500 kilometers a la hora. Your body is carbon fiber and with the motor will have two turbines pulse.

And you, que opinas?

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