7 homemade inventions that every parent should know

Life, Input, is not easy; and, to top, all exponentially complicated when the world comes to be a small head the list of concerns of new dads. However, the most ingenious have brilliant ideas that make raising a child easier. So we want to share these tips and homemade inventions that we have compiled the torrent of wit Internet users worldwide.

Glove for two

Yes, wearing gloves is uncomfortable for most of, except to keep our hands warm. With these original gloves you and your little one you can go together sharing the same glove and know that will not release unless you want to be hands freezing together.

Espray anti monstruos

Children are a nest of fears, even when they have to sleep in the solitude of a dark room, in which there may be all kinds of hidden monsters that will attack your imagination. Reuse a bottle of spray filled with water to make it the ultimate solution against night monsters. Take a little of the magic liquid in the room when your children go to bed and tell them so the monsters will not approach.

Tattoos for kids

A fear of every parent is losing their children in large agglomerations. A good solution is to make a homemade sticker or write with pen on any part of the body visible phone number so that whoever finds you to locate.

Water bath without eyes

Say goodbye to the hassles of your baby when water gets in your eyes while you bathe using a silicone baking mold. It may not be convenient in some respects, but does the main function.

The great strength

All children dream of their own fortification for games: whether the gap between the couch and the wall, plenty of boxes or underneath a table covered with cushions. Here is an alternative: a fan that inflates the bed sheets. Ideal for warmer days.

El bebé mopa

Surely anyone who has seen a baby crawl vigorously throughout the house passed to it by the head harness your little sprout to polish the floors. Some, have decided to put it into practice and created this handy mono-mop. Bright.

Parents with respect for other passengers

If you have ever touched you travel by plane with children among the passengers, know that the flight can become a nightmare. Parents also know, why these ingenious parents shared between passengers these bags with candy, earplugs and a witty note which demanded apologies in advance if twins 14 weeks became heavy.

And you, que opinas?

This girl 3 years is about to receive the greatest gift of his life. What's inside will remember forever!