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25 amazing tricks that make life easier for parents – Altavooz

25 amazing tricks that make life easier for parents

If you're a parent, then you are a hero who has to deal with multiple daily bumps that test your patience. These ideas will help you find solutions for small domestic issues that will make life easier, both you and your children.

1- Put a cap on the frozen cupcake

Prevent it from staining while you eat and all the liquid will remain in the capsule.

helado cupcake

2- Place magnets in glasses

Then, place them in the fridge. So, each child will have his all day, and have to wash glasses on again and again


3- Place adhesives in shoes

Cut a sticker in half and place one on each shoe. So, know which is the right and which the left and you will have to complete the drawing before putting.


4- Sella toys with glue

Does being sick of getting water in rubber toys bathtub? Seal them with glue or silicone and ready.


5- Usa un cestillo de pinzas de ropa (o lavaplatos) para las meriendas

It has handles for transporting, Two separate fields, washed easy ... The perfect snack container to take in the car.


6- Wash the lego in the washer

To wash small pieces of any toy, used a laundry bag of underwear and not lose any washer or atascarás.


7- Use an inflatable pool and playground

If you have space problems, Why settle for a small park? Buy XL size pool and play!


8- Turn cardboard boxes in a toy kitchen

Do not throw boxes and appliances or large purchases aprovéchalas gets a playground.

5367_523614061036780_2007303267_n 1011145_531374413594078_652936259_n

9- Use an egg carton to hold the cards

Make incisions in eggcup, and your child can see all their cards during play.


10- Use one basket as ropa bathtub

Una cesta de lavandería con agujeros como ésta te servirá también como bañera infantil o protección, leaving room for games.


11- Put silicone on the bottom of shoes

The plastic shoes of the princesses not skid if you add a little silicone on the bottom.


12- Freezes the pacifier in juice

Who said that babies can not have ice cream? Also, will help them to ease the pain if they are teething. Just put juice in a bucket, put the pacifier in and freeze.


13- Protect your child from burns with a glass

Si le and miedo las bengalas, protect him with a plastic cup through it with the flare.


14- Place a piece of fritter pool or a rubber band in the door

Evitarás que la puerta se cierre y con ello que ningún niño se pille los dedos (and you save the occasional slam home)

1497628_631842633547255_1975393980_n 2446cabc45f7978d7bc455c23eb1ff62

15- Tie a string to swing

Perfect idea for lazy priests. You can swing your child while you rest a few meters.


16- Put a tape on food cans

So, always put the exact average of milk powder, cocoa or whatever and not get dirty or use other devices.


17- Put a shovel in the tap

One blade on a bottle of the shampoo bottle trimmed. Átalo al grifo y tu hijo pequeño podrá lavarse las manos él solito.


18- Put masking tape on the floor

If you turn to help pick a game, I will leave helpers everywhere!


19- Make a dress with a jacket

Before pulling a shirt with collars worn, recycle it by creating, for example, a beautiful dress for tu hija.


20- Usa cinta adhesiva para llenar la casa de juegos

Games "removable" for a rainy afternoon, with a bit of tape.

juegos de interior

21- Place a rack behind the chair

You can put bibs and always keep on hand, wrinkled instead of hidden in a drawer. This also saves you space.

baberos en la trona

22- Use talcum powder to remove sand

The sand will come off easily to leave the beach.

polvo de talco arena

23- Put a pin or hair clip on straps

If strapless shirts will go long, instead of cutting them or make them a knot, júntalos con un pasador o pinza de pelo y así los acortarás fácilmente.


24- Use a T-shirt as punishment

Sibling fights are paid with the worst punishment: go everywhere together.


25- Place a fan under the sheets

Crearás un espacio privado y divertido para leer o jugar.


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