11 very frightened dogs… and very funny

Dogs also get scared. And sometimes much. And if there is someone to pick up that moment in a snapshot, the time is brutal. These 11 dogs have been portrayed in the most terrifying moment of their lives, and the funniest.

1. “I do not want to throw me the tobogaaaaaan!! Why do not you fuck you, Geek…?

2. “I do not get out of here… it is home”

3. “Eeeeeeh of mi and gruñas of the meto, grandullón…”

4. “Go polish has this cute kitty…. The run!!!!”

5. “Mum, let me know when you have gone montruo….”

6. “As I came out pretty well in your passport photo…”


7. “Ehhh less smoke stray cat… But if chance me voy…”

8. “Joder Rex, thou hast made me the creeps… And ears!”

9. “¡¡What the volar know how Dumboooooo!!!”

Images-Humorous-de-Dogs-For-Facebook-Recent-2 (1)

10. “Mama, do not let go of the fear that I have vet…”

11. “But I have not done anything and I've looked bad… ¡¡Socorrooooo!!”

And you, que opinas?

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