10 erogenous zones to increase pleasure

fdthjfrjyjWhat are the hot spots of the human body? Each person has special feeling in a body part, and here we detail the 10 Common (leaving aside the genitals and breasts). Do you agree with this list?

1. Feet

They are full of nerve endings touch activated and begins the familiar tingling, giving way, if there is a good degree of manipulation, to sexual desire.

2. Behind the knees

In this part are major vessels of the lower extremity. The trick in this area is very gently caress and kiss, as strong or extremely irritating constant caresses the skin may end.

3. Thighs

It is a very sensitive area for a woman sufficiently aroused for example because it responds to the slightest touch, due to the accumulated blood flow that produces a particular effect. The same happens to men in the inside of her thighs as blood is diverted to this part also, causing the temperature to rise.

4. Back

The back is a key erogenous zone, since if well stimulated large doses can cause pleasure. The strokes should be slow and leisurely, with a barely perceptible rubbing skin, so that activate nerve endings.

5. Hands

Often the hands are neglected, key without realizing what they are for all kinds of caresses. With her palms up, tus of pulgares uses to gently frotárselas, and use your other fingers to rub simultaneously across the hand.

6. Neck

The area of ​​the neck and the clavicle is a very sensitive region. Kissing with tongue, or even blow you pet him without touching occurs as close to the pleasure he even ruffle the hair on the skin feel.

7. Ears

Not only whisper things in my ear, but use the language, blowing or mouthing the earlobe are important, nerve endings begin to quickly activated.

8. Head

A scalp massage is not just for a moment of relaxation, but also pleasure. It is recommended that the start and end of sexual intercourse, since the feeling of relaxation as well expand the act.

9. Lips

The stimulation of the lips of mouth is always a good start to turn the other person, since it is a muscle.

10. Underbelly

Girls, if you want to excite your partner, start up to your navel and then caresses low. The abdominal area between the navel and the pelvis is the perfect place to play. As the blood flow going into the pelvis and the sexual tension is coupled, no doubt it is an area to stimulate. You can give little kisses just above your hip bones for added pleasure.

And you, a body part would you add to the list?

Source: E360

And you, que opinas?

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