10 things you did not know Elon Musk, the greatest current technological visionary

  • His family thought he was deaf small: Elon both awake and dreaming abstracted thinking of other worlds that his mother thought he had trouble hearing or had any problems concerning deafness. His mother, Maye, He told the biographer Ashlee Vance that the child inventor "he got into his own brain and goes to another world. Now I know that you are designing rockets or something in your head ".
  • Bullying problems suffered in childhood: Elon Musk experienced bullying and school violence over a long period of time in childhood. Even he was forced to nose surgery to correct a deviation caused by a blow.
  • He designed and sold a video game twelve years old: His name was Blastar, It was to destroy an alien ship full of weapons of mass destruction and succeeded thanks to him 500 dollars in 1984, because the code was published in the journal PC and Office Technology. In 2015, Google engineer reviewed the code to work with HTML5 and out playable. You can play through the following link.
  • his studies were funded by organizing parties at home: When it was formed at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk organized parties at his home and charged five dollars entry to pay the rent. that if, He relates that never got drunk to control effectively address.
  • He left the University: In 1995 Musk was noted in the graduate of Stanford University to study physics. No embarho, a couple of days later decided that the online universe had a lot to him. founded soon Zip2, a company providing maps and directories for online newspapers.
Hyperloop UPV, Spanish train the future

The system Hyperloop high-speed transport is one of the best known projects Elon Musk.

  • Five children: He is the father of five people, to which he concebió and grew up with his former partner Justibe Wilson. The most striking curiosity is that both are twins Griffin and Xavier, born in 2005, while the rest They're triplets! Damian, Saxon and Kai arrived in 2006. He also had to Nevada, who died of sudden death a few weeks after birth.
  • He inspired the character of Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr: Musk provided personal information to the actor in Space X 2007, which it served to imitation of some eccentricities.
  • He risked with Tesla to be on the verge of bankruptcy: Musk took a big chance with the launch of Tesla 2008, project for which it invested 35 millions of dollars. Today, worth more than 33 billion and the entrepreneur's personal fortune exceeds 12 billion.
  • It has one of James Bond vehicles: In 2013, Musk spent 866.000 outbidding dollars at an auction of Lotus Esprit film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Through a statement Tesla, Musk said he had grown up watching James Bond films in South Africa and it was great to have in their hands the Lotus Esprit, although it could become underwater.
  • Hizo un cameo en The Big Bang Theory: In November 2015, Musk made a small appearance in the famous comedy geek, specifically in the episode called Platonic permutation. The scene, which it takes place in a kitchen for the homeless on Thanksgiving, shows the entrepreneur washing dishes, giving your e-mail to Howard and sharing with him a piece of pumpkin pie.

Source | Entrepreneur

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